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Monday reading. Given the title you may think I am recommending this for CISOs or budding CISOs. On the contrary, this is definitely one you want to share with your exec team. If you're in the industry you'll already know what's in this book. However if you want to give people outside the industry an overview of the sheer volume of things we worry about this is a good start. Plus it makes the point we must be seen as business partners and enablers which is a mission of mine!

Kevin Fielder

CISO and board advisor

Met with Mike Loginov CSO CISO at the CyberTalks video interview session last night where, once filming was completed, we talked about the psychological elements of cyber defence, how to deal with coercion and his new book "CISO Defenders of the Cyber Realm" I started reading last night when I got home and the adage "once I picked it up I couldn't put it down" applied. Mike has some great interviews and observations and I'd recommend his book to anyone in, or wanting to be in the cyber space.

David Higgins

Smart, Cyber, Security, Programme and Technology practitioner, international award winner and keynote speaker.

I recently bought this and have to say that I think it could be one of the most valuable, most important security books written in the last decade.

The book is not for CISO's, it is about them. It blends chapters discussing the history of cyber and information security with interviews with experienced CISO's to create a valuable reference for anyone looking to develop their security career in the covergent age. It discusses the skills that a successful CISO/security manager needs to succeed in the corporate world and provides a simple and accessible history lesson for those in physical security who want to understand the basics for a transition into information security.

I simply cannot recommend this book highly enough. Go get it!

Richard Diston MSc CISSP MSyl

Cyber Security Instructor at Firebrand Training


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Justin Coker

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Book Launch

Mike Loginov C|CISO speaking at the (ISC)2 Global Cyber Security summit at Lords Cricket Ground London on the role of the CISO and launching his new book ‘CISO Defenders of the Cyber Realm’

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