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Technology is no longer merely a tool to ease our existence, it is central to our very survival. Should technology fail, society as we have come to know it will also fail. If we expect industry to be safe, communications to continue, electricity and water to feed into homes and businesses, food to be available, money to be in the bank and to have some semblance of privacy, then technology must be strategically and rigorously protected - because today there are many bad players in the game.

However there is usually just one isolated individual installed in a company who is expected to defend our freedoms and existence: the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO). This role, and the people behind it, frequently go unrecognized and unsupported despite the fact they are protecting the way we have come to live.

This book opens up the world of CISO and who they are. It reveals the unseen daily dangers that we all face and how, in our current society, we now walk a tightrope between safety and catastrophe.

Hackers, Slaughterbots, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence (A.I.), Machine Learning (M.L.) where is it all leading? Read now to find out.

ISBN: 1725039184
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Read Preface by Vint Cerf

PREFACE by Vint Cerf

Internet Pioneer - "Father of the Internet"

If you are reading this preface, then you have already discovered that this book is worthy of your attention. If you are persuaded that digital systems around the world are vulnerable to wide-ranging threats, you will find confirmation in this book and practical advice from practicing CISO's. What struck me most about Loginov's work is the accessibility of his writing, the breadth of his thinking and the reinforcement that his interviews provide. There is nothing theoretical about the real-world experiences found in these pages.

Vint Cerf with Mike Loginov

If we could reboot the world, we might try to create software production environments that assist programmers to avoid the often stupid mistakes and wrong assumptions that lead to vulnerabilities that are exploited daily and often successfully. But this is an unlikely outcome. Moreover, some of the weaknesses in digital systems lie in the heads of users, not in the software they use. Phishing exploits and social engineering are proving to be effective tools in the toolkit of hackers intent on gaining unauthorized access to content and to systems.

If you think it is obvious that someone needs to step up to respond to the threats and vulnerabilities that headlines so blatantly confirm, think again. CISO after CISO confirms that there are many heads still stuck in the sand. The job is not merely technical. A CISO has to be a mix of technologist, evangelist, salesperson, bellringer, whistleblower and superb people manager to achieve the main objective: securing systems and content to assure access only by authorized parties. Moreover, success comes only with the cooperation of the trusted users of the system to be secured. No amount of technology will protect the system from willful or neglectful abuse. The threat of insider attack or neglect must not be discounted.

I hope you will find these pages as thought-provoking and pragmatic as I have.